Death hangs over France .. 499 days died


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The health authorities in France announced the registration of 499 new deaths With corona virus Tuesday, bringing the total number of deaths to 3,523, up 17% over the past 24 hours.

The Director of the Public Health Agency, Jerome Salomon, told a press conference that the number of cases increased to 52,128, an increase of 17% (i.e. 7,578 new infections) within 24 hours, perhaps due to the fact that France increased tests.

Salomon added that 5,565 people were in serious condition and in need of respirators, up 9% from Monday, a slightly slower rate of increase compared to the previous day.

It was the third day in a row that deaths were accelerating in France, which is experiencing its third week of general closures in an attempt to slow the spread of the epidemic.

An ambulance at a hospital near Paris on March 30
An ambulance at a hospital near Paris on March 30

In addition, the government’s daily toll includes only those who die in hospitals, but the authorities say they will soon be able to collect data on deaths in homes for the elderly, which will likely lead to a significant increase in registered deaths.

The Director General of Health Affairs in France, Jerome Salomon, announced on Tuesday that 499 people have died due to the Corona virus emerging in the country’s hospitals in the past 24 hours, in a record high since the start of the epidemic, raising the total to 3523 deaths.


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