Dar Kalimat: This is how children love to read


When reading becomes an enjoyable process, it reflects positively on the psychological well-being of young people, strengthens their family and emotional ties with their families, and raises communication and expression skills, as well as developing their personalities. To this end, in light of the domestic stone, Kalimat, which specializes in publishing children’s and young people’s books in Arabic, directed a set of useful tips and steps that can be followed. Initially, the house affiliated to the “Group of Words” called on parents to allocate the appropriate time and place at home, so that the place is comfortable and quiet, and children love to sit in it, away from the inconvenience of reading so that it becomes a daily ritual. She advised parents to familiarize themselves with the content of the story or book before sitting with their youngsters, taking into account the method of reading it in an interesting acting style to attract children and enjoy their senses. It is also useful to ask children to choose the books themselves, as well as discuss the covers of the publications with them before they start reading them, and listen to their perception of the story and its events. The house stressed the necessity to discuss the content of the book with children and take their opinions on the events and events of the story and their impressions about it, taking care to make them draw after the completion of reading, because of this importance in creating a space for self-expression and the use of colors creatively. The last advice was to allow children to take the role of the narrator, which makes them feel confident and responsible and stimulates them a lot of capabilities and talents.


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