Cyrine Abdel Nour shares her fans with funny moments from inside her house


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Cyrine Abdel Nour shares her fans with funny moments from inside her home, today, Thursday, April 2, 2020 02:14 AM

Art stars around the world, especially in the Arab world, are sharing their diaries and everything they do during the “home quarantine” period with their fans and followers on social media platforms, especially after the isolation imposed by the new Corona virus, and it seems that the Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour has become more active in this matter . The Lebanese artist recently published a video clip through her account on Instagram while she is preparing the fruit salad, while her husband Farid Rahma’s voice is heard while talking witly about the fact that she is always keen to prepare food for him, and asks her about the dinner plate that you intend to prepare, to respond that she may be prepared according to the grilled fish , Which led him to say that he would not be able to go down and buy fish, to tell him that she had prepared everything, bought it and put it in the refrigerator before the stone, noting that her husband was “a lot with a hook”.

But what is remarkable is that after the publication of this video, the star’s followers began asking her about her recipes and dishes that she is preparing at home, to respond to them via Twitter in all ways, until one of the followers came and went to her by saying: “Okay, what are you doing?” What is the best way to eat it with you and choose a limit from the artistic community, by its intent on it …. Of course, if you eat it with love, I will come, I will also if you do not mind. Serene responded to him by saying: “Wael Kfoury, with a strong intention to love the beans, or sheesh touq, Najwa Karam loves the grilled salmon and tabbouleh.” When Sirin was asked by one of the followers about the dish that the Lebanese artist Elissa would invite to, she indicated that she would invite her on a “Shish” plate. Pools with rice. ”

She also commented on a follow-up that asked for her opinion on the cake I attended, to respond to Sirin by saying something very delicious, while she answered to another who asked for her opinion on the Syrian tabbouleh by saying: “The picture is shaky and I am not blinded.” It is noteworthy that Sirin Abdel Nour shared a set of photos through her account on Twitter, in the challenge of old photos that aims to restore memories, and asked her fans to enter the challenge, while they remain inside the house, according to the precautionary measures for fear of the Corona virus, so that her lovers will publish two pictures of her From the past, she commented on them by saying: “The two pictures are very loving.”

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