Cyrine Abdel Nour shares her bikini photos under the slogan “Positive Image”!


Lebanese actress “Sirine Abdel Nour” shared her photos on her Instagram account, wearing a bikini!

The photos I shared came as part of a campaign launched entitled “Positive Image”, and I accompanied it with a comment: “What do I need to sit in? I hear the sound of pain and a sense of sunlight and live calm. My current sense of doing the subject of creation is missing me singing birds … The important thing is that all of us come down # Positive pictures – God has a relationship with nature and summer We recover sweet memories, and we hope that we will return to live them. ”

The public, in turn, was impressed by Sirine’s move to spread positivity, due to the forced home quarantine Lebanon is experiencing in particular.

In the same context, Abdel Nour shares videos from inside her house during the home quarantine, accompanied by her children and family, and urges followers to stay at home for the safety of them and the people they love.

On the other hand, the fate of her next series is still unknown, as it was supposed to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan season, but due to the spread of Corona virus, the cast has stopped filming. The Arabs.

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