Criminals have used our production to smuggle drugs


Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf responded to what was reported in the media about the Egyptian authorities’ arresting containers for transporting drugs that were packaged in boxes for the milk product exported by the Milkman company owned by him. It was announced in Egypt ten days ago that the customs administration in Port Said had seized a shipment of drugs that had been packed into carton boxes for dairy products and milk belonging to the Syrian company, “Milkman”. The official Egyptian statement said that the “EGY Crown” ship coming from Syria with a direct “crossing” to the Egyptian East Port Said Port carries milk from a Syrian origin, and upon examination procedures it was revealed that the drug hashish with a standing weight of 4 tons hidden inside the boxes of “milk” by closing the factory. According to the Egyptian media, which indicated that the actual destination of this shipment was Libya. And since the Milkman company is owned by a company that is run by the Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, a clarification statement was issued stating:”The Egyptian authorities announced a few days ago to seize a large shipment of drugs packed with milk cans bearing a trademark in the name of” Milkman “for a company belonging to us. Syrian regions and cheese, thus giving a great added value that enables the company to market its products well, especially since the main problem facing cows farmers is in the disposal of their products. Our company provides these breeders with stability by ensuring the purchase of milk from them, as part of a development-humanitarian program aimed at helping a large segment of Syrian citizens to secure decent livelihoods for them. ”
Makhlouf denounced the resort of drug traffickers to using the products of his company to carry out these activities and said: “Whoever distorts this development work by unloading these products and filling them with narcotics is a despicable coward who carries the top of offending our work and our company.” Makhlouf called on the concerned authorities in Syria to “put an end to such practices in the country and to pursue those who manufacture and trade in these narcotic substances that destroy our minds and harm our children.” Makhlouf pointed out that the group responsible for these despicable acts is working to produce these materials in these quantities, through great influence and capabilities. Because these quantities cannot be produced in small shops, they need large places, huge financing, and a high capacity of workers, machines, and transportation fleet. He continued, “These actions have a significant negative impact on the country’s economy, as these practices have offended the reputation of Syrian products exported due to their smuggling of narcotic drugs through Syrian products of good reputation that global merchants will refrain from buying because of these actions. What practically leads to the direct sabotage of the Syrian economy. ”
Makhlouf called on «the competent security authorities and others to disclose the identity of those who used our products to smuggle such materials, especially that we provided the competent authorities with some documents and information that are useful in this investigation». He asked, “Is the choice of our products precisely an intentional act, aimed at insulting our reputation and disrupting our actions, in order to get us out of the competition market?”


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