Corona’s outbreak in America will become the most deadly in decades


A statistic told Reuters that the outbreak of the Corona virus in the United States will become the most deadly life since the flu in 1967. This comes as the number of people recovering from the virus exceeds a million around the world.

Statistics reported that the number of deaths in the United States due to the emerging Corona virus exceeded 60,000 yesterday, Wednesday, and that the outbreak will soon become the most claimed of any flu season since 1967.

According to the American centers, the most influenza seasons ever recorded were in 1967 when about 100,000 Americans died, in 1957 when 116,000 died, and in Spanish in 1918 when 675,000 died.

The United States recorded the highest death toll from the Coruna virus in the world, and the average daily death rate in April 2000 was Covid 19, according to a Reuters count, While the “World Meter” website of the Corona victims monitored that the number of corona virus recoverers around the world exceeded one million.

The figures showed that one million and 32 people have recovered so far, and that the deaths amounted to 228026 cases, while the cases increased to more than 3.2 million.

There are about a third of those infected with the virus in the United States (more than a million infected), and the countries of the world lead the way with a large difference in the number of deaths (more than 60 thousand).

Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins University has recorded more than 2,500 HIV deaths in the past 24 hours in the United States.

The newspaper “New York Times” American that the number of deaths in the country due to the Corona virus is much higher than what was announced, after the newspaper compared the number of natural deaths during the current period with similar periods during the past five years in seven states.

She explained that the data show an increase in the number of previous rates by about 50% in the five weeks between 8 March and 11 April in the seven states.

Commenting on measures many countries plan to take to reduce isolation, quarantine and economic closures, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder warned that a rapid or accelerated return to open the economy could lead to a second wave of the spread of the Corona virus.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Ryder stressed that protecting public health is a priority that should not be overlooked in light of calls to open the economy.

Latest statistics
Data for the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases showed today, Thursday, that 1478 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Germany, bringing the total number to 159,119 cases.

According to the statistics, the total number of deaths increased to 6,288, an increase of 173 from Wednesday.

The Russian Anti-Corona Center announced 101 new deaths due to HIV infection, bringing the total number to 1073, while the total number of infections rose to 99,399.

Sweden confirmed the death of 107 people during the past 24 hours, bringing the number to 2462 deaths, while 681 new injuries were recorded, bringing the number of injuries to 20302.

Norway has confirmed 62 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of infections to 7,667 cases.

The Iranian Ministry of Health said that it had registered 1073 new infections, bringing the number of injuries to 93,657 and the number of deaths to 5,957.

The Israeli Ministry of Health recorded 36 new cases, bringing the total number to 15,870.

In Spain, the Ministry of Health said that it recorded 325 new deaths among people infected with the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths to 24,275 deaths, while 2144 new cases were recorded.

Corona Arab
In Oman, 74 new cases of coronavirus were registered, bringing the total number to 2,348.

In Qatar, the Ministry of Health announced that it had registered 643 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 12,564 cases.

In Kuwait, one death was recorded, bringing the number of deaths to 24, while 300 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, bringing the total to 3,740.

In Morocco, two deaths were recorded, in addition to 37 new injuries and 112 recoveries.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced the registration of 4 new injuries, bringing the total number to 721, including 24 deaths, and 150 cases of similar recovery.

For its part, the Tunisian government presidency announced the adoption of a new strategy in dealing with the Corona virus, which is based on a gradual lifting of the health embargo measures imposed in the country starting on May 4.

Tunisian major projects minister Lubna Jribi indicated that stone relief will be excluded for people over the age of 65 and those with weak immunity, as well as pregnant women and children under 15 years old.

In light of the global feverish race to find a vaccine and treatment for Corona virus, there are about 150 projects in the world to develop vaccines against the virus, and the main goal of the first stage trials is to test the safety of the medical product.

The second and third stage trials, which are being conducted on a larger scale, aim to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine before it is brought to market.

Among the countries that are testing vaccines are the United States, France, Britain, Germany and others, but the World Health Organization says “we should not expect a safe and effective vaccine before 12 months or more.”


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