Corona Virus: Tom Hanks sends a message of solidarity to an Australian boy who has been harassed for his name


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Tom Hanks recovered from Corona in Australia

American actor Tom Hanks sent a letter and gift to an Australian boy who was harassed because his name was “Corona”.

The boy, called Corona de Friis, had sent a message to the actor and his wife, Rita Wilson, after they had been infected with the Corona virus, emerging in Queensland, Australia.

“I heard that you and your wife have contracted the infection. Are you all right?” Said the boy, who is eight years old.

The boy mentioned that he liked his name but his school peers called him “Corona virus,” adding, “I feel very sad and angry when people call me by this name.”

The actor replied with a message, starting with saying, “My dear friend Corona.”

“Your message has had a wonderful effect on me and my wife. Thank you for being a great friend. Friends give happiness to their friends when they are in a bad mood.”

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Hanks and his wife returned to the United States after spending three weeks recovering from the Coronavirus, which they contracted in the Gold Coast area of ​​Australia last March while the actor was shooting a movie there.

“You’re the only person I’ve ever met with this name, it’s like a crown, like a ring around the sun,” Hanks, who won two Oscars, said in his message.

The actor sent the boy a Corona typewriter that he was using during the ban.

“I think this typewriter works for you. I took it with me to the Gold Coast, and now it has returned … to you. I am asking someone older than you to help you, and write me a letter using this typewriter,” the actor wrote.

The de Vries family told Australian Nine News, which helped the family get the message across to the actor, that the boy was very happy after he had a “new friend in the United States”.

The family also said that the boy sought to contact Hanks for his admiration for the character “Woody”, whose voice was cast in the animated film “Toy Story”.

Hanks wrote in his handwriting at the end of the message “Note: You have a friend in me,” referring to the film’s main song.

The famous actor and his wife traveled to Australia last month, where Wilson held a series of concerts, while Hanks started filming a movie about the late music star Elvis Presley directed by Baz Luhrmann.

It is believed that the actor and his wife were infected with the virus in the United States or while traveling to Australia.


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