Corona virus: the death toll in British hospitals exceeds 20 thousand


An ambulance in Britain

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The British Ministry of Health has announced the death of more than 20,000 people due to the emerging coronavirus in British hospitals.

The latest figures showed a total of 20,319 deaths in the country, an increase of 813 cases within twenty-four hours.

Last month, Stephen Boyce, the medical director of the National Health Service of England, said that if the total number of deaths remains below 20,000 this would be a good result.

And it took 51 days, since the first death in Britain was announced as a result of the epidemic, to this huge number.

It is reported that the British government figures do not take into account deaths that occur in homes, homes or anywhere else in society. These deaths are monitored separately by the National Statistical Office, based on death certificates, and their proceeds are announced every Tuesday.

Last week, that toll indicated that there were at least 1662 deaths, as of April 10, in addition to the numbers recorded from hospitals.

Globally, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases totaled more than 2.8 million, with the death toll approaching 200,000.

So far, four other countries have announced an official death toll from the Coruna epidemic of more than 20,000: the United States, Spain, Italy, and France.


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