Corona Virus: New York is using mass graves to bury the dead in light of the epidemic in the city


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Drone footage of mass graves in New York

Pictures of dusty coffins appeared in mass graves in New York City, amid high death rates from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Workers appeared in protective vests while terrifying dirt on coffins stacked in large pits.

Heart Island cemeteries have been dedicated for more than 150 years to New Yorkers who have no relatives or are unable to bear the costs of burial.

According to the latest statistics, New York State has more Corona Virus infections than any other country.

As of Thursday, the authorities in New York had confirmed that 159,937 coronaviruses were infected, seven thousand of whom died.

Spain recorded 153 thousand cases, Italy 143 thousand cases, while China recorded 82 thousand cases with the virus.

The entire United States of America recorded 462,000 cases of coronavirus, of which about 16,500 people died.

Around the world, the Coruna virus has infected about 1.6 million people, killing about 95,000.

It is likely that many of the coffins that are dirtied on Hart Island belong to the Coruna virus victims.

Hart Island has seen many burials in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic at a rate that has increased from one day per week to five days, according to statistics from the state’s Corrections Service.

Inmates at Rykers Island Public Prison were usually the ones carrying out the burial mission on the island, but as rates rose as the epidemic spread, contractors became involved in the burial.

New York City Mayor Bill de Plazio said earlier this week that “temporary burials” may be necessary until the crisis ends.

He noted that the “Hart Island” area has been used for this purpose for ages.

The number of corona virus victims in New York State rose to 799 deaths on Wednesday, a record for the third day.

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The people of dirt on about 40 coffins on Thursday

State Governor Andrew Como pointed out that the number of Covid-19 injuries recorded by New York hospitals had decreased for a second day.

This, Como said, is evidence that social divergences are paying off. Como likened the virus to the 9/11 explosion, but it was a “silent” explosion.

On Thursday, another glimmer of hope appeared in official expectations of a decrease in death rates from infection with the Coronavirus across the United States.

Anthony Fauchi, a member of the White House anti-Corona virus team, said on Thursday that the number of Americans expected to die from HIV infection is close to 60,000. Before that, Fawcci had expected the number to range from 100,000 to 200,000 deaths.

According to government statistics, the expected 60,000 deaths due to coronavirus infection are equal to the expectations ceiling for total flu deaths in the United States between October 2019 and March 2020.

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Parents of the victims are attending a funeral in Brooklyn, New York, where the Coruna virus has registered a third-day mortality

However, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Thursday that the Covid-19 infection rate is three times the rate of the flu infection.

The White House estimates earlier that the possibility of the death of about 2.2 million Americans as a result of infection with the Corona virus unless stopped.

Non-critical areas were closed in 42 US states, citizens were required to keep their homes, and the US economy experienced a sharp decline.

Health officials said earlier this week that about half of the cases of coronavirus infection and more than 70 percent of his deaths in Chicago, Illinois were black, although these accounted for only 30 percent of the population the citizens.

This racial disparity in infections and deaths due to the virus was also reflected in the figures recorded by the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin and New York.

On Thursday, Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic candidate for the presidency, joined the call for the release of comprehensive statements regarding this “racist” feature of the Corona epidemic.

Biden said that these figures shed light on inequality and the impact of what he described as “structural apartheid”.


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