Corona Virus: Hayat Al-Fahd calls for deporting infected arrivals and “throwing them in the desert”


Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd

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Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd

Kuwaiti actor Hayat Al-Fahad sparked a great controversy on social media after she called for the deportation of foreign immigrants with corona from Kuwait, through an intervention on a TV program.

Al-Fahd said in her phone call to the “crisis and transgression” program: “Kuwait is no longer able to put pressure on hospitals in light of the Corona crisis it is suffering from.”

She also added, in an angry tone, referring to the expatriate workers residing in Kuwait: “They do not like what their homes are, and we are cursed in them .. We have reached a stage where we have salvation.

“A series of human deception”

The statement of Al-Fahad, which is very popular in the Gulf countries, sparked widespread controversy through social networking sites, as singers considered that their views “do not represent the opinions of Kuwaitis” and “do not respect the values ​​and traditions of Kuwait.”

Others expressed their “disappointment” with the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, hoping that she would “keep her beautiful image in their minds”.

On the other hand, Jasser believed that focusing on the Cheetah’s error “as a result of her enthusiasm” was unfair to her career and long artistic history.

Political analyst Khaled al-Zaatar asked about the artist’s role in Ramadan after her controversial statements.

Come and hate tone

The media, Suhair Al-Qaisi, said that Al-Fahad’s statements are “shocking” of course, but that “they are the result of the use of intimidation and terrifying coverage by the media.”

Dr. Fahd Al-Shalimi also participated in a group of Kuwaiti charities to help the needy and combat the Corona crisis, such as distributing free food and canceling fines for incoming violators.

“Corona complements what the revolutions began with dropping masks,” said Egyptian journalist and journalist Asaad Taha, commenting on the topic.

On the contrary, some tweeters called the cheetah “courage”, because it says what no one dares say.

In a similar vein, the leader of the southern Yemeni movement, Hani bin Brik, sympathized with the cheetah, saying: “Who among us does not mistake or make mistakes. We expect an apology from the life of the cheetah, because it is great in its history.

Al-Fahd’s statements come at a time when anti-Arab rhetoric and expatriate workers in Kuwait are escalating.

In recent days, Kuwaitis circulated videos that they said showed Egyptian immigrants who did not comply with the quarantine and the directions imposed by the Kuwaiti government to confront the Corona virus.


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