Corona virus causes the European Basketball Championship to be postponed to 2022


The new Corona virus continues to tamper with the agendas and sporting dates of various championships around the world. After the outbreak of the virus delayed the major football tournaments similar to the nations of Europe and Cuba America as well as the Tokyo Olympics, the International Basketball Association (FIBA) announced the postponement of the European Men’s Championship that was scheduled for 2021, To the end of the summer of 2022, due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021, due to the outbreak of the epidemic.The federation indicated that the European Women’s Championship will remain on schedule in June next year in France.

The men’s championship was to be held in four countries: Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic from August 17 to September 1 2021, i.e. after the Tokyo Olympics ended in their new date (July 23 to August 8). ). The new date for the continental championship became between the first and the 18th of September 2022.

Italian Andrea Godensi, president of the Tennis Professionals Association (ITP), hopes that the dirt and French Open season will be held in September, in an effort to save the hanging season due to the Corona virus epidemic.

Tennis competitions were suspended by professional and professional associations from early March to July 13 at the earliest, and Wimbledon, the third major Grand Slam, was canceled for the first time since World War II.

“If we can resume (the competitions) in August, we will save three major tournaments and six Masters tournaments for a thousand points, otherwise problems will exacerbate,” Godenzi said in an interview with Italian media. He continued, “We are working on the theory that we will compete in clay fields for four weeks after the US Open, and that the Madrid and Rome (Masters) sessions will be held before Roland Garros.”

Possibility to start a Formula 1 season without an audience

F1 world championships officials are considering grand prizes without fans and most likely on European circuits when the season, whose start has been postponed due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus, can begin.

The inaugural race in Australia was canceled on March 15, and all the following major prizes were postponed to the Tour de France on June 28.

Ross Brown, Formula 1 manager, said in a Sky Sports television video blog that between eight and 19 races this season are still possible. He added: “At the moment we are thinking about the possibility of running races without fans and how we can get teams to the circuits and protect the competitors and make the races safe and everyone who is allowed to enter the garage. We study all possibilities.”

Bruges club is not a champion of the Belgian League!The Belgium Professional Football Clubs Association said it has postponed final approval of the early termination decision, which was issued earlier this month due to the Corona virus pandemic.The Belgian Football Association has defended its decision to cancel the remaining matches of the season in connection with the European Union for the game, after UEFA threatened countries that do not seek to complete local league competitions by denying participation in the continental championships.

Club Bruges was crowned the title, while a committee was formed to settle relegation and ascension issues and qualify for European club competitions next season. However, the competition soon faced an attack by UEFA, which stressed the importance of resolving the competitions, and all of this was postponed without any explanation until April 24, which raised speculation about the possibility of reversing the cancellation decision.

Southampton is the first to postpone the salaries of its players

Meanwhile, Southampton on Thursday became the first club in the English Premier League to announce the postponement of the payment of salaries to its players for several months, against the backdrop of the moratorium imposed by the Corona virus. Not only will the delay in paying salaries to players, but club managers and the Austrian coach Ralf Hazenhotel and his assistant team, will be extended until June.


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