Corona scatters UEFA’s papers and threatens the Champions League season with cancellation


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put off the Union European For a ball FootUEFAUntil notice else All Matches Teams Patriotism, And from Between them Supplement qualification to me cup Europe 2020, And that she was Programmed in a Month June, Because Pandemic virus Sk The newbie.

He reported the Union European in a statement Official, Today Wednesday: ”all Matches Competitions European, From Between them Matches Friendly International Assembled, Postponed Until notice else“.

And it was This the decision Expected Due For paralysis Which Hits Sports Worldwide Especially a ball Foot European in a Shade spread PandemicCoved-19 ”, Take it the Union Continental distance Meeting expanded Across the video Combine His commission Executive With Representatives 55 Union Nationally.

as such he decided the Union European Cancellation The role Final From championship Europe Under 17 Years And scheduled in a May Next, In addition to me championship Europe Under 19 Years For the ladies Prescribed in a July, as such Done Postponement Matches Playoffs Eligible For a cup Europe 2021 For the ladies.

And it was the Union European Was taken in a Meeting Emergency in a 17 March the past A decision Historically Postponed Larger His heroism For the teams, euro 2020, to me summer Year 2021, And a comment all His competitions For clubs Until notice else Because spread virus Corona, And did not Succeed the Union Continental Until right Now in a Return Scheduling Competitions His heroism For clubs For not stability The situation Healthy Global.

And stopped Two competitions Cyclic The heroes The league European in a The role price Final, And my turn The heroes For the ladies in a quarter Final, And it was PresidentUEFAAlexander Chevrin may be Advertise the week the past it’s a Unaware when Can Resumption season Continental, Show I was afraid From Cancel it In a way Whole, Anyway Prevented Circumstances Health The current Resume it By End Month June Next.

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