Corona reveals his new secret … another model made for the first time


It appears that the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus still retains some secrets, as new information about the “Covid 19” epidemic is unfolded, especially regarding its symptoms. A group of people infected with the virus revealed new symptoms that appeared on them, in addition to common symptoms such as coughing and fever.

Those afflicted with “Covid 19” pointed to a common symptom that doctors did not touch upon, which was numbness (numbness) in the body.

Grace Dudley, who defeated Corona, spoke to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, after spending 10 days in the intensive care department inside the Queen’s Hospital in Romfoor, east London, while her father was still fighting the virus.

She said: “After 6 days (of injury) I felt that I was not feeling well and needed to lie down, with my numbness in my skin. After 24 hours I did not feel such tiredness in my life, I was freezing from the cold and I was not able to stay awake for long periods of time. “.

A Twitter user who said that he had developed a corona said that his most common symptom was “feeling numbness throughout the body,” while Tarana Burke made it clear that she felt the same feeling in her chest.

She said: “It is definitely a Corona. This feeling reached my chest this evening, as if there was numbness in my rib cage when I breath. Able to breathe but it is annoying.”

She also explained that her boyfriend had irritation on the skin, which forced him to use the paint used in the treatment of sunburn, to help alleviate his pain, according to “Mirror”.

It is mentioned that the symptoms of corona infection may not be limited to coughing, shortness of breath and complaints from the respiratory system, but sudden gastrointestinal changes such as vomiting and diarrhea, or even loss of sense of smell and taste, may be a warning of infection with the virus.

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