“Corona” isolates a single man in a deserted town – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Snow and closures in California forced a man to quarantine alone, in a densely populated “ghost town” and record of killings, after a sudden snowstorm.

Brent Underwood, who bought the town for $ 1.4 million in 2018, said that during the closure and blockade, he was getting water from the melted snow a week after his unexpected stay in Cerro Gordo, California.

California declared the closure nationwide, as a precautionary measure and measure against the new Corona virus.

Underwood said, “I think one morning I got up and saw snow over my truck and thought about what had I thrust myself in? I managed to calm myself down the next day and decided that I would use my time here productively, and at least, I am definitely socially isolated. ” Underwood, 32, who worked in marketing, had hired Robert Desmari to care for the abandoned town, but recently agreed to stay there after Desmary said he would visit his wife to check on her.

Underwood noted that the nearest grocery store is 40 kilometers away, while snow is 4 feet tall, which means that moving over a few hundred meters will be impossible.

Underwood explained that his experiences during his time alone, in the town abandoned 100 years ago and consisting of 22 buildings, made him believe that the town is already inhabited, as reported by rumors, noting that it was once the subject of an episode of the TV program “Ghost Adventures”, which concluded Until the ghosts of two children died in the town after they were trapped in a closet.

He hinted that, during this period of forced confinement, “ghosts” visited him, indicating that he heard “some strange sounds and a book fell off the shelf without a clear reason,” but he made it clear that he did not feel threatened at all, according to Sky News. .

And while he no longer had fresh food like bread and vegetables, Underwood said he had had enough rice and cans to survive until conditions permitted travel to the city.

Underwood was planning to start allowing Airbnb users to visit the site in May, but he made clear that he now hoped to do so at the end of the summer, depending on the restrictions and whether work continued until then.


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