Corona forces Arsenal players to seek help from a psychiatrist


Source: London – DBA

Arsenal coach Michael Artita has revealed that his players are in constant contact with a psychiatrist during a pause in competition in light of the Corona virus epidemic (Covid-19).

Arsenal players have not met since the detection of Artita infection with the Corona virus a month ago, where they were subjected to self-isolation and exercised individually in their homes, with the imposition of a state of closure in the country.

“We have a psychiatrist who takes care of the players, and he is in constant contact with them, but we also continuously send information and videos and continue to occupy their time, and we are also keen to keep them close to their work,” Spain’s Arteta said in comments published by the Sky Sports network Friday evening.

He continued: We had some good conversations. And this time really helped me, at least get to know the players better, as we try to improve relations and communication and enhance understanding between us.


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