Corona disrupts the emergence of new cholesterol, heart, and Alzheimer’s drugs


The Swiss drug company Novartis has suspended the registration of patients for whom it will be tested for a new cholesterol drug due to the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging (Covid-19).

The “Bloomberg” news agency pointed out that this incident is just a new example of the failure of new drug trials by international companies because of the pandemic, according to German News Agency.

Vas Narasiman, CEO of Novartis, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV that the Swiss company had suspended a wide clinical trial in Britain called “Orion-4” to evaluate a new drug for heart treatment.

The agency «Bloomberg» that this new drug was a key factor behind the acquisition of «Novartis» company «Medicine Co», compared to 7. 9 billion dollars last year.

The French company, “Sanofi”, had indicated that its clinical trials for the new drugs had been faltered, without mentioning specific cases. Analysts at the Wolf Research Institute said the outbreak of the new Corona virus would affect the start of a new drug test for Alzheimer’s disease for Biogen.

The health authorities in the world have imposed restrictions on direct communication between patients and doctors in most medical centers to limit the spread of the Corona virus, as communication is currently limited to phone calls or home visits.

Meanwhile, Novartis CEO said most of her experiences are on track, indicating that she has been able to transfer the experiments to China and other Asian countries.

It is noteworthy that the Orion-4 experiment is expected to end in 2024, as it aims to use about 15,000 people to undergo the experiment in the United States and Britain, according to Novartis’ statements last month.

Narasiman said that a number of digital technologies have been developed to help in this situation during the past years, pointing to the company’s global monitoring center, which allows it to monitor its network to conduct hundreds of studies around the world, and to forecast potential problems minute by minute.


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