Corona covers parts of the lung with a gel that makes breathing difficult?


Provided one of the best hospitals in America
A new study gives an inside view of what the emerging corona virus does to the lungs. Dr. Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, director of pulmonology at the Cleveland Clinic, reported the results of the autopsy
Two bodies died from the virus.

And doctors found that the inner part of
Pulmonary alveoli, covered with a sticky substance resembling thick paint, which makes
Difficult to breathe.

Mojobadhyai says he hopes to be from
During the release of more results of dissection
Of dead bodies, doctors can identify problems caused by the virus and treat them with available drugs.
He added that this is the first time anywhere in the world, which is publishing autopsy reports
The corpses of patients with coronavirus in English.

He added: “We received twenty requests from all over the world about the study results, and we were asked to review the results by an office
Oklahoma to head of medical examination. ”

He continued: “What we are looking for in operations
Anatomy is a ray of hope in discovering something that we can reverse its effect. ”

The study published in the American Journal
For clinical pathology and published in the British “Daily Mail”, I looked at the anatomy of two men who died in Oklahoma in March 2020, one of whom was obese and was 77 years old, and he had symptoms for six
Days and he was not reported, and he was not tested for HIV until after his death.

Dr. Mukhobadhyay said that
The man had had a heart attack before he reached intensive care and placed it on a machine
Ventilator: “He died before, we have seen what happens to the lungs of a person who is HIV positive
Corona, before he is on a ventilator or receiving any treatment. ”

It caused the existing gel
Inside the lungs inflammation in the airway and damage to the alveoli, which made it difficult
He has to breathe: “This is evidence that the virus itself causes great damage and damage.”

The other autopsy was for a man
At the age of 42 years. Although he was infected with the Corona virus, he was not
He was the cause of his death, and he had bacterial pneumonia. Just as a man
He had no gel in his lungs.

Perhaps the autopsy of the adult was from
42 years old is more interesting, the study says: “These cases form
Challenges for specialists and the medical community in general, to determine the cause of death of the deceased who
Have tested positive for the virus. ”

Mojobadhyai said he hoped to perform
More autopsies to help treat patients currently affected:
“We hope to discover anything we can treat, or any medication we can use to target
the disease”.

Worldwide, more than one is injured
Two million people and the number of deaths exceeded 145,000 people.


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