Corona counter to 587 and fill-in range: a human determining the “course” of the virus


Rajana Diet –

12 new injuries were recorded by the Corona counter, bringing the total number of injuries since February 21 to 587. 5 of the new infections were recorded in the Becharre region. This “new addition” extended the state of caution experienced by the country, with the announcement of the Presidency of the Government for an additional two weeks for general mobilization ending on the 26th of January

Until the twenty-sixth of the current month, the Council of Ministers took the decision to extend the state of public mobilization, and to extend work with all measures and procedures that had accompanied the previous mobilization decision, from “suspending work between seven in the evening and five in the morning” and “the timing of cars and trucks running according to the numbers of their plates”.

It was an expected and consistent decision, at the same time, with the state of caution and anticipation that still occupies the forefront of the scene. Laboratory-confirmed injuries are not a standard that matters are heading towards an end, and the challenge remains with the return of expatriates to Lebanon. The other thing that imposed this trend is what is happening today in the Becharre region, which has become the new “outpost”.
However, the decision does not mean at all that things are not okay, but caution is required, especially in light of the new figures announced by the Becharre Governmental Hospital yesterday evening, when he declared 5 positive cases and one positive result for a person who retested, “out of nearly 35 An examination was conducted in the last 24 hours, and the cases that have been proven are of people within the narrow circle of one of the injured (i.e. within the home) », says lawyer Tony Chidiac, an activist in the Crisis Cell in Bcharre. The five cases are in addition to the 7 cases announced by the Ministry of Health in its report yesterday noon (6 injuries for residents and one for expatriates), bringing the number of new cases to 12. With this batch, the Corona meter as of yesterday evening reached 587 injuries. While there were no cases recorded in the deaths field during the past 24 hours, those hours carried 5 healing cases, bringing the number of those who recovered completely 67. One case was also removed from Beirut Governmental Hospital, after the attending physician confirmed her clinical recovery from the virus.
Mankind remains the norm today. Either the injuries remain within the “narrow circle” or they fade, and on the basis of the answer, the measures will not be determined to this day. The administration of a human hospital issued a statement yesterday stating that the cases confirmed in the city «are not all from the same source, there are many possible sources of the virus reaching the region, and until this time no one can medically or scientifically confirm the zero point to start spreading the virus». She pointed out that many possibilities, among them “that the virus came with one of the expatriates, or travelers from human people or tourists, or one of the human sons living outside the city or one of the visitors.” The sources pointed out in this context that “one of the first two cases is for an expatriate from the city in Germany, and the second for a doctor in the hospital is not known where he caught the virus, either from one of the patients or from another place.”

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