Corona continues to surprise doctors … rare symptoms of the eyes and nerves


An infectious disease expert said that the face mask should be installed tightly to prevent the leakage of the new corona virus, warning that facial hair may hinder this, according to the Canadian website CBC.

Matthew Miller, associate professor at the Michael J. Institute. Degrot of Infectious Diseases Research at McMaster University, asked a question from a website reader about the effect of the beard on the effectiveness of the muzzle.

Miller warned that the drops could penetrate into the muzzle if the latter had holes.

A previous publication of the Centers for Disease Prevention warned of the role of the beard and even the mustache, as they can interfere with gags or respirators.

The reason for this is that “gases, fumes and particles in the air leak into the muzzle of the part that allows this between the hair.

The site said that the police officers were instructed to come to the skin-shaved work, unless they had a special exemption from that, and the guidance comes in order to ensure the effectiveness of the muzzle or respirator mask in the event that the need is found.

The new Corona virus has killed 227,482 people, at least since the epidemic first appeared in China last December, according to an AFP census based on official sources until Thursday.


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