Corona: China denies involvement in spreading the virus, and South Korea records unprecedented drop in infections


South Korea has the lowest rate of corona virus infection, in conjunction with the denial of a laboratory director in the Chinese city of Wuhan, any responsibility for the spread of the virus, after US President Donald Trump vowed to China if it is found responsible.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus exceeded 2.29 million people worldwide, of whom more than 158,000 died, while 586,000 recovered, according to the latest statistics published by Johns Hopkins University.

For its part, South Korea announced on Sunday, 8 cases of the emerging coronavirus, the first time that Seoul has announced a unified number of cases of corona two months ago.

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that among the new cases, five cases were from abroad, and the number of deaths rose to 234.

South Korea has largely succeeded in controlling the outbreak, and recently announced an average daily increase of 20 cases.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Sunday that Seoul’s progress gave hope that “Covid-19 could be overcome” in other regions of the world. Earlier, South Korea had the highest number of cases of corona outside China, but other countries later surpassed it.

“The government will prepare for the new daily life and for the new world order after Covid-19 has been strengthened by the united citizens force,” Moon said.

Wuhan Laboratory
In China, the director of the laboratory referred to by US media denied that it might be the source of the emerging coronavirus, that is, the responsibility for spreading the epidemic.

“It is impossible for this virus to be issued by us,” said Yuan Ziming, director of the Wuhan Virus Science Institute, the epidemic of the global epidemic, speaking to CGTN.

Most scientists believe that the new corona virus is most likely to be transmitted to humans from an animal. In this regard, the charge was referred to a market in Wuhan that sold live wild animals for the purpose of consumption.

But the presence of the Institute of Virology at a few kilometers from the market raises a few months ago speculation about the leakage of the virus from this sensitive facility.

The institute’s laboratory is heavily protected, and it contains the most dangerous strains of known viruses such as Ebola, which is the B-4 level 4 biological safety laboratory.

“We know exactly what kind of research is being done at the institute and how viruses and samples are dealt with,” said the director of the institute.

He added that in terms of the institute’s location in Wuhan, “people can only establish a link,” criticizing the media that “intentionally trying to trick people into making accusations based on mere speculation without evidence.”

The Washington Post reported that the US embassy in Beijing, after several visits to the institute, notified US authorities in 2018 of inadequate safety measures in a laboratory conducting studies of corona viruses caused by bats.

President Donald Trump said Saturday that China must face consequences if it is “intentionally responsible” for the Corona virus pandemic.

“If it is a mistake, it is a mistake, but if they are intentionally responsible, I mean here that there must be consequences,” he added at his press conference on Corona.

Injuries decreased in China
On the other hand, the National Health Committee of China announced 16 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus yesterday, which is the lowest number since March 17, and retreated from 27 cases announced the day before.

Among these cases were nine cases of people who came from abroad, the lowest number since March 13, and a decline from 17 cases the previous day. The remaining seven cases were locally transferred, down from ten cases the previous day.

The health committee said that the new cases, which had been discovered for people without symptoms, reached 44, down from 54 cases the day before. She added that three of these new cases came from abroad.

The commission added that no new deaths had been reported.

The total number of confirmed cases of corona in China as of Saturday was 82,735. The commission said that the total number of deaths from the virus was 4,632.

Demonstrations in America
In the United States, demonstrators mostly supportive of President Donald Trump, in the states of New Hampshire, California, Texas and Ohio, demanded on Saturday the end of quarantine measures imposed to contain the emerging corona virus.

About 400 protesters, some of them in cars, gathered in front of the Parliament of Concord, the capital of the small state of New Hampshire (1.3 million people), which remained relatively untouched by the virus and recorded as of Friday 1,287 infections and 37 deaths. Republican governor Chris Sunono had issued orders to impose a stone, at least until May 4.

Banners carried by the protesters read “The numbers lie” and “Reopen New Hampshire”. They appeared to have ignored the authorities ’instructions on social estrangement, including armed and masked men, similar to the militia, and protesters wearing pro-Trump hats.

During his daily press conference yesterday, Saturday, Trump appeared to justify the protests, saying that “some rulers have gone too far” in the quarantine proceedings. These measures have led to a significant increase in the number of unemployed people throughout the country and depriving many people of any source of income.

Trump also congratulated the Governors of Texas and Vermont on the Republicans for “allowing some activities to resume on Monday,” while calling for appropriate measures to be taken for social estrangement.

At a time when the demonstrations appeared to include many of Trump’s supporters, some participants stressed that their motives were primarily economic.

In the United States, there were 1,891 deaths recorded in the United States during the past 24 hours, taking the total death toll in the country Saturday to 38,664, according to the Johns Hopkins University census.

The university indicated that the number of HIV infections in the country has reached 732,197 since the epidemic began.


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