Corona arrives at the Saudi royal family .. 150 are wounded, including the Prince of Riyadh, and King Salman isolates himself on an island on the Red Sea


A report in the New York Times revealed that the Corona epidemic reached the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and infected dozens of them with the virus, while continuing to expand in other regions in parallel with lifting the closure of its first focus in China.

The report of the American New York Times indicated that 150 members of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia were infected with the virus, and that the Prince of Riyadh Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was among the injured, and that he is currently in intensive care.

The newspaper also indicated that the doctors at King Faisal Hospital, where family members are being treated, were placed on alert, and were asked to prepare to receive VIPs.

According to a telegram, The New York Times said it had seen it. About 500 hospital beds were being prepared, and its staff had also been asked to evacuate existing patients as soon as possible to allow treatment for members of the royal family.

On the other hand, the newspaper indicated that the Saudi king, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, isolated himself in an island palace by the Red Sea near Jeddah after the outbreak.

It also reported that his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and some ministers also isolated themselves in a remote area near the Red Sea.

Johnson’s health
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said today, Wednesday, that Johnson’s health condition is steadily improving while he is undergoing intensive care treatment due to coronavirus infection.

“The prime minister continues to improve steadily. He remains in the intensive care unit,” a spokeswoman for the prime minister said.

Johnson was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital on Sunday evening due to a constant increase in temperature with a cough, which necessitated his transfer to the intensive care unit on Monday.

Global toll
The pandemic of the emerging corona virus has so far claimed the lives of at least 82,726 people worldwide, in parallel with the beginning of a return to normalcy in Wuhan, China, the cradle of the epidemic.

To date, more than 1 million 438 thousand and 290 people have been diagnosed officially in 192 countries and regions since the beginning of the epidemic. Of these cases, at least 275 thousand and 500 are considered to have recovered from this epidemic.

However, this number reflects only a small portion of the number actually infected, as many countries are now resorting only to examining cases requiring hospital care.

The seven most common deaths and injuries
Italy, which recorded the first death linked to Covid-19 at the end of February, is still the country worst affected by the number of deaths, with the number reaching 17,127 out of 135,586 injuries, while the authorities announced the recovery of 24,392 people.

Then comes Spain, which recorded 14,555 deaths out of 146,690 injuries, then the United States, which announced the death of 12,911 people out of 399,929 injuries, and France, where the number of deaths reached 10,328 deaths and 109,069 injuries, then the United Kingdom, which Her death reached 6,159 deaths, 55,224 injuries.

China (excluding the Hong Kong and Macao regions) recorded a total of 81,802 injuries (62 new between Tuesday and Wednesday) and 3333 deaths (including two new cases) while 77,279 patients were cured.

On Wednesday, Iran announced 121 new deaths from the emerging coronavirus, raising the total to 3993 deaths.

And recorded the past 24 hours 1997 new injury, bringing the total number of injuries to 64 thousand and 586 cases, and the number of the recovered reached 29 thousand and 812 injuries according to the Iranian Ministry of Health.

Then it turns out that the United States is the country most affected in terms of the number of casualties, as the number reached 399 thousand and 929 casualties recorded officially including 12 thousand and 911 deaths, while there were 22 thousand and 539 patients cured.

Wuhan regain its joy
In Wuhan, the epicenter from which the virus was launched to the rest of the world, thousands took to the streets today after the authorities lifted the total closure imposed months ago on the city, which gives the world some hope despite the record number of deaths recorded in Europe and the United States.

China has been widely criticized for its handling of the emerging Corona virus crisis that started spreading from Wuhan late last year, and the virus has spread rapidly and reached almost most of the countries of the world, and has killed more than eighty thousand people, while it has dealt a blow to the global economy and plunged about half of humanity in the form of Forms of insulation.

As the closure of Wuhan was lifted, life began to return to normal as train and bus stations were crowded with passengers seeking to leave the city and some wore protective suits.

“You can’t picture my condition, I woke up since 4 am,” said Hao Mai, 39, as she prepared to see her children for the first time in two months. “I have a very good feeling, and my kids are excited that their mother will finally come back.”

At the train station, a man waiting for a train to return to Hunan province shouted, “It’s been 77 days while I’m stuck.”

The happiness of those stuck in Wuhan by giving them the freedom to leave the city sent some hope to the world, many regions of which are suffering from the same situation.

Corona Arab
On the Arab outbreak map of the Coronavirus, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced 272 new infections, bringing the total to 2,800, and the death toll to 41.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Ministry of Health announced 48 new infections in Corona, bringing the total number to 419.

In Kuwait, total injuries rose to more than 355 after more than 100 injuries were recorded.

In Qatar, 153 new injuries were announced, bringing the total to more than 2,200 injuries, and 28 cases of cure of the disease were registered, bringing the total cures in the country to 178.

The UAE Ministry of Health also announced the registration of 300 new injuries, exceeding the number of injuries 2659, while the number of people recovered reached about 240.

In Morocco, the total number increased to 1,242 injuries.

In Algeria, the Ministry of Health announced 12 deaths and 104 new injuries.

In Lebanon, the Ministry of Health said that 27 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, taking the total number to 575.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Jordan said that the authorities imposed a comprehensive curfew on Friday and Saturday as part of measures to tackle the Corona virus.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced that 80 new cases of coronavirus were registered, bringing the total to 1202, and 4 new deaths, bringing the total to 69.

In Yemen, the authorities completely closed the land depot on the border with Saudi Arabia until further notice as a precautionary measure to counter the Corona virus.

The Emergency Committee had issued a similar order to partially shut down the port in mid-March, and excluded freight cars, who had been deported by the Saudi authorities.

Procedures in Egypt
Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said today that it was decided to extend the night curfew by 15 days until April 23 to counter the spread of the Corona virus.

Madbouly added that it was also decided to ease the curfew by an hour, starting from eight in the evening until six in the morning.

He said – in a televised news conference – that the government extended the suspension of flights for another two weeks. It was also decided to deduct 20% of the salaries of members of the government for a period of three months to support irregular employment.

The authorities also imposed a quarantine on the village of Al-Moatamdia, which is affiliated with the Kerdasa Center in Giza Governorate.

The security forces closed all roads leading to the village, and prevented entry into or exit from the village. These measures come after the death of at least two deaths and nine cases of coronavirus among the villagers. While media reports talk about the isolation of about two hundred people who were in contact with victims of the epidemic.

An army of medical personnel
On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country has a huge medical army that includes hundreds of thousands of cadres working in the fight against the Corona epidemic.

This came in a message he sent on Wednesday to citizens over the age of 65, attached to a parcel containing cleaning materials distributed to them.

Erdogan added that his country has become – through the transformation that it witnessed during the past 18 years – one of the countries most prepared for the Coruna epidemic.

“Rest assured, there is no virus or epidemic stronger than Turkey,” he told his citizens, stressing that the country is in a state of national struggle against Corona, which has become a global epidemic.

We have a huge medical army that includes 165,000 doctors, 205,000 nurses and 360,000 support staff.

The President also stressed that Turkey has the strongest health insurance system in the world, and has established the latest hospitals and has become a role model in the world.

He pointed out that the government distributes masks and cologne bottles to citizens over 65 years old, on the recommendation of the Scientific Council to combat the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health had announced that the number of corona deaths in the country had risen to 725, and injuries to 34,109 cases.

Decisive weeks in Russia
President Vladimir Putin has said that the next two or three weeks will be critical in the face of an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

He added that his country is carefully studying the experiences of all countries in dealing with the virus, and that Russia has every possibility to overcome the various scenarios associated with the spread of the epidemic, as it has experience in overcoming crises according to his expression.

The President also called on the government and the central bank to urgently work on an additional support program for the economic and social sectors affected by the consequences of the Corona outbreak, stressing that the top priority now is to ensure the readiness of medical institutions in all regions of the country.


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