Corona and the Spanish Flu .. A 104-year-old Italian defeats a pandemic



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Italian Perennial Ada Zanoso

Italian Perennial Ada Zanoso

A 104-year-old Italian citizen managed to win and recover from her battle with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The British newspaper “The Mirror” reported that Mrs. Ada Zanoso, who survived the Spanish flu epidemic, was cured of the Corona epidemic, and doctors praised her as a symbol of hope.

The newspaper pointed out that the mother, who lives in the home of the elderly in the city of Biella, northern Italy, where he died 20 elderly, who suffered on 17 March last, symptoms of fever and difficulty breathing before being diagnosed with the Corona virus.

Her son Giampiero confirmed that they suspected her of having corona due to the high number of cases in the home of the elderly in which she lives, but she has now recovered well and doctors believe she is the largest person in the world to recover.

In her childhood, Ada was able to survive the Spanish flu, which killed 50 million people on the planet.

Ada’s physician, Carla Forno Marques, said that the lady “did not lose anything of her humor and intelligence,” stressing that her recovery was a joy and a glimmer of hope.

British grandmother Rita Reynolds, 99, was also able to survive the virus after contracting it last month.


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