Controversy in Saudi Arabia after the daughter of a famous businessman published the video “Food Storage”! (Video)


Controversy in Saudi Arabia after a daughter of a famous businessman was released a video

Afnan Al-Batal

Saudi activists launched an attack on the social media star, Afnan Al-Batel, the daughter of the famous businessman Suleiman Al-Batel, after she posted a video from a shopping center storing food and goods for her child.

Afnan appeared in the video, as she was keen on storing goods intended for children to secure the needs of her child, especially milk, which led some to accuse her of greed and inaugurated the tag # Afnan_Patel_Greed.

Afnan said in the clip: “The situation requires an Arab woman to get enough to store,” as she wandered in the commercial center and bought more goods than her needs for the purpose of storage, amid the situation in the Kingdom and the world in the light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

Mohdradon said her behavior was wrong and accused her of stirring up fear among mothers and intimidating them from the lack of goods, while others called for her account to be stopped because of the great impact it has had on many of her followers.

Afnan is one of the stars of social networking sites in the Kingdom, and follows on “Instagram” 8 million people, and she drew attention at her extravagant wedding ceremony held last year, and she married a wealthy Saudi youth working as an employee of “Aramco”.

Source: RT


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