Complete the filming of the series in Syria with permission from the Presidency of the Government … with 8 conditions


After the decision issued last March by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Syria, which decided to stop filming all films and series belonging to the private sector due to the spread of Corona virus, the Syrian Prime Minister recently issued a new decision in which it announced granting permission to the makers of Syrian drama to complete the filming.

In the details, as stated by the “Syria Drama News” page, which deals with publishing news related to the Syrian drama, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Syria approved the book submitted by the Film and Television Industry Committee, in order to grant permission to production companies to complete photographing their works, so that they are present within Ramadan season 2020.

The procedures to be followed during the shooting are as follows:

1- Full and continuous sterilization of the location.

2- Examining all members of the technical team and making sure of their safety before entering the photography.

3- The presence of a medical staff licensed by the Ministry of Health accompanying the work teams throughout the imaging period, and direct supervision by them on the examinations, sterilization, and health and safety procedures for all work components before and after imaging.

4 – Isolating the work team completely by transferring the residence of all members of the work team to the hotel, at the expense of the producing company to ensure that they do not contact anyone at all, and the work of the entire work team remains in the hotel after completing the photography operations for a period of 14 days to follow the safety procedures before returning the team For normal life.

5- Reducing the number of technical teams to a minimum.

6- Photography must be in the (productive cities) and avoiding the cities.

7- The filming period should not exceed ten days.

8- Any defect occurring during the work, the production company bears full responsibility, and filming will be stopped while keeping the procedures that were undertaken.


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