China reports 27 new cases of coronavirus – one world – outside the border


Chinese health authorities said Saturday that they have received reports of 27 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus (Covid-19) on the mainland on Friday, of which 17 are new infections.

The other health cases were reported locally, Xinhua said, adding that seven cases had been reported in Heilongjiang Province, two in Guangdong Province and one in Sichuan Province.
No deaths were reported on Friday on the mainland.

The Commission reported that 50 patients were discharged from hospitals upon recovery on Friday, while the number of serious cases decreased by 4 to 85.

As of Friday, the mainland of China had registered a total of 1,566 arrivals. Among them, 709 cases were discharged from hospitals upon recovery and 857 cases are currently receiving treatment, of which 47 are in serious condition.

The committee added that no deaths were recorded among the incoming cases.

The committee said that the total confirmed cases on the mainland amounted to 82,719 as of Friday, of which 1058 patients were still receiving treatment, 77029 people were discharged from hospital upon recovery and 4,632 people had died of illness.



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