Chelsea beats Manchester United and Arsenal in a contract dispute with the Naples star


According to Italian press reports, the English club Chelsea is the closest to the inclusion of the Belgian international, Daris Mertens, Napoli, the Italian striker.

Mertens will be available next summer at no charge, after the end of his contract with Naples, which is the closest possibility due to the player’s desire for a new experience.

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The Italian newspaper “Corriere” revealed the presence of an official offer from Chelsea for the Belgian player, after the Blues Department contacted Mertens’ agent, and he told the Napoli striker that the club wanted to include him.

The player, who will be 33 next month, is the historic top scorer for the Club Napoli, where he has played for the owners of the San Paolo stadium since 2013.

Despite the French Monaco offer to sign the player, Mertens wants to play the Premier League experience, which is more attractive to him.

In addition to Chelsea, there is also a great interest in including the player from Manchester United and Arsenal in the Premier League.


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