Chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee: Football must not return until September – Sports News


The French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, announced the cancellation of the French league competitions in the current season 2019-2020, after the spread of the new Corona virus, indicating that it is very difficult to resume in the coming period.

In a statement to Sky Sport, Michel Duhog said that he does not believe that the world is currently ready to return football matches during the current time, and it should return until September 1 at the earliest.

The FIFA has issued a statement proposing to increase the number of possible replacements for each team in the coming period, if the stopping sporting activity in various countries returns recently, after the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

FIFA said, in the statement published by the “Sky Sport” network, that it is proposed to allow 5 substitutions during the matches instead of three, as usual, and the number increases to 6 in the event that the time is extended for the additional runs, and that is temporarily in order to deal with the pressure of the matches after Her return in the coming period.

In his statement, FIFA added that this proposal comes to relieve pressure in local league matches, amid attempts to complete it within a short period of time, after being suspended indefinitely due to the global epidemic.

The International Federation is to present this proposal to the International Football Council, and if approved, it will be applied until the end of the next season 2020-2021, in addition to implementing it in all international matches until the end of next year.

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