Celtic players and their coach agree to cut salaries


The Glasgow City Club announced in a statement on Friday: “Consensus with the technical staff and players, on a package of measures that will help the club in crossing the current crisis of the emerging Corona virus on a solid basis, while ensuring that all our colleagues’ rights and interests are preserved.”

He explained, “Between April and June, the CEO, the director, the non-executive directors, the formation of the first team, the technical staff,” and other officials involved in the football team and the junior academy, agreed to a significant reduction in salaries and postponing the payment of a significant percentage. Of their revenue. ”

The club’s CEO, Peter Lawel, thanked Lennon and the players for their desire to contribute and the entire management for its cooperation in “very difficult working conditions” to alleviate the financial crisis that the club fears, like most sports clubs in the world, because of the stoppage of competitions due to the epidemic of “Coffed” -19 “.

He added, “Our club is built on the great collective spirit, and we are clearly aware of our duties towards our colleagues, fans, and society as a whole,” considering that the agreement reached “is evidence of the unity that exists in the ranks of this club.”

And Rangers previously announced an agreement with their players on their salaries, a move by many clubs in Europe and the world in light of the suspension of competitions currently, and the suspension of match revenues and TV broadcast revenues.

But a measure of this kind raises widespread criticism in England, as no comprehensive agreement has been reached between the Premier League clubs and players, especially in light of the professional association’s insistence to uphold their rights, and considering that reducing these salaries will affect the tax revenues that the government collects, which can be used Currently to support health services in the country.

And Southampton became the first club in the Premier League on Thursday to announce an agreement with its players and the technical staff to postpone the payment of part of the salaries in light of the “Coffed-19” crisis that led to the suspension of competitions until further notice.


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