Celebrity Life: Video – Farida Sabf El-Nasr reveals the details of her hit by a famous artist.


In Art: Singer Farida Saif Nasr has been a guest on “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dari ‘” with Enas Al-Deghaidi on “Cairo and the People”.The sheikh of Al-Hara asked Farida about the problem that she urged between one of the famous artists and turned into a fight with hands.

Farida said that one of the famous artists asked her to work with him to do something and on the day of his interview he underestimated her and directed her inappropriate words, and she answered, and the discussion turned into a fight, which led the artist to erase her with a cup.

It is worth noting that Saif Al-Nasr’s most recent work was her participation in the series “Champs Elysees” with a large number of stars.

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