Carlos Queiroz agrees to cut his salary due to the Corona virus


Intended Carlos Queiroz Colombia’s national football coach has reduced his salary due to the poor conditions the country is going through, due to the new Corona virus, according to the local game federation.

The Colombian Federation issued a statement on Wednesday evening, in which it stated that Queiroz and his technical staff had offered him to reduce their salaries for a few months because of the bad situation in the country.

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The statement added that the union officials expressed their gratitude for this kind gesture from the trainer and his assistants who overcame the interests of the institution over their personal interests.The union has not announced the value to be reduced from the salary of Queiroz and the technical staff.

It is noteworthy that Kirosh, 66, took over as Colombia coach in February 2019.

Colombia is under compulsory home health reservation from March 25 to April 27 in order to contain the new Corona virus, which has killed 131 people and infected three thousand and 105 people so far in the Latin country.


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