Car cinema is back in Berlin!


                Cars filled German squares to watch movies 
    <p>After displaying artworks on the balconies in Berlin, and films on the walls of buildings there, the German squares have finally witnessed the return of "car cinema", which has been popular during the past decades, particularly in the fifties and sixties, especially in the United States. The BBC reported that car companies in Germany returned to resume production after a break of four weeks, after the country announced its control of the Corona virus, with infection rates declining. Indeed, the German squares have returned to receiving hundreds of cars for watching movies. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" mentioned that movie lovers created ways to watch movies, while they came to the Essen area square with their cars, after they paid tickets tickets on the Internet, while adhering to the rules of social divergence and only two people were present in every car. This is in Germany, but in the United States of America, ABC News revealed that New York Governor Andrew Como is considering reopening cinemas, while noting that the Empire State Development Company is seeking to partially restore its activity. Through the car cinema. As for the owner of the vintage drive in, Paul Dean, in turn, he hopes that he can work in the car cinema that he started in 1997, "to be a way for people to get out of a safe atmosphere to watch movies from their cars with their families", according to what he made to Abc Station.


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