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It is very clear that coexistence with the Corona virus is the world’s destiny, for an indefinite period. Most scientists and doctors talk about a period of up to a year, before we get effective and guaranteed treatment that cures people with the disease, or a certified vaccine that eliminates the virus.

Therefore, recent studies, most notably the Harvard University report that I talked about in an article yesterday, conclude that it is difficult to close cities for this long period of time, otherwise the harm to humans from closure will be much more than the disease itself!

To start, it must be emphasized that these are scientific perspectives, all of which are based on different and focused studies, and world scientists are clearly divided into two teams, a team with the total closure of cities to prevent the spread of the virus, and a team with the resumption of activities in stages, with an emphasis on taking necessary measures and precautions, And demonstrate flexibility in the closure, and return to activity, according to the numbers of the injured, and the ability of the medical system to bear.

On the other hand, no one can suggest either view, it is very confusing. No one wants adventure at the expense of human health and safety, just as everyone realizes in their own decisions that closures certainly mean harming human beings. A very difficult equation!

But in all cases, there are important and necessary steps that we must think about here in the Emirates, to minimize the damages of the spread of the Corona virus, as immediate action must be started in operating the scientific and research capabilities of the state, and with its maximum capacity, and providing all resources to it, until it begins to The intensification of studies related to the virus and infected cases, and through these studies reach a proposal for medical solutions and mechanisms to deal with the virus, and without doubt using the experience, studies and research of other countries.

It is also very necessary to start immediately the construction of factories for the medical equipment that the health sector needs completely in this period, in addition to doubling the clinical capacity of hospitals, or expanding the construction of field hospitals for Covid-19 patients, while maintaining at the same time Natural health services for regular patients, so that the public health of citizens and residents is not harmed, and immediately begin to attract new trainees, to train and qualify them as nurses, and multiply the capacity of medical laboratories, to quickly obtain results, no one knows how long “Corona” will remain between us ?!

It is important in this period, that we put in place a mechanism to issue a disease-free certificate, so that it is renewed monthly, after conducting the examination, in order to ensure the safety of individuals, and reassure them when starting to open some activities, markets and businesses, and apply the highest levels of caution and the most precautionary measures, with an emphasis on continuing Working remotely for jobs that do not require an employee to be in the office.

The highest levels of precautionary measures must be raised everywhere, and in all activities that the state will allow, they must put in place a clear mechanism for the precautionary measures followed, based on approved health principles, and strictly does not tolerate complacency or mitigation.

More importantly, every person should be careful and responsible for himself, his health and safety, and he will be hardened with himself, and he will not leave the virus with any opportunity to attack it, but will strive to kill him permanently, through continuous prevention, extreme caution, and continuous cleanliness, and that each of us learn the art Self-protection, and it is heavily mastered, for prevention and protection are two instances that God implanted in most creatures, and we humans need them more than others, and the first is to focus on them in the next stage.

There is no doubt that mankind is going through a serious challenge, which it has never experienced before, and it is very clear that the idea of ​​coexistence with “Corona” may be the last option, but it is the only one available in the hands of humans today, and whatever countries exert efforts and enhance their medical capabilities. , It will not be able to withstand without the cooperation of members of society, without their commitment, and their concern for themselves and others, and without everyone following the instructions and preventive measures!

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