Calcio clubs unanimously agree to complete the season



The Italian football club “Calcio” agreed unanimously today, Tuesday, to complete the interrupted football season due to the spread of the new Corona virus.

And the association announced “Calcio” in statement That all clubs agreed on the necessity of completing the season that stopped on the ninth of last March, in which it said: “The General Assembly of the League clubs met this morning and affirmed, with a unanimous vote of twenty clubs that communicated via the Internet, the intention to complete the 2019-2020 season if the government permits this.”

The statement indicated that the resumption of play would take place “in compliance with the health rules to protect players and all professionals.”

Earlier, clubs like Sampdoria and Turin opposed the idea of ​​returning to play, while Brescia called for even further after he said he preferred to cancel the season.

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The Italian federation said the game that it wanted to complete the season even if the matches continued until the autumn and hoped that the teams would return to training in May, although there were no indications of when that would happen, or if the government would allow the matches to return.

Italian Federation and League officials are scheduled to meet government representatives tomorrow, Wednesday.

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12 of the total 38 matches remain in the league while there are deferred matches for several teams from previous rounds.

Juventus lead the league with 63 points from 26 games, one point behind runners-up Lazio, while Lecce, Spal and Brescia are in relegation centers.

Source: Reuters


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