By the order of King Salman .. Saudi criticism will bring this good news


Today, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency instructed banks and banks to postpone the payment of three-month installments for all financing products without any cost or fees.

The directive included postponing the payment starting from April of the year 2020, provided that the payment of the above-mentioned premiums is postponed without the need to submit any request from the customer, with the importance of informing the client of that, and taking into account the acceptance and processing of requests of clients who do not want to postpone the installments.

The Monetary Agency stated that this comes on the basis of the Royal Decree, which provides for a monthly compensation of 60% of the wage registered in social insurance for a period of three months with a maximum of (9) thousand riyals per month for Saudis working in private sector enterprises affected by the current repercussions due to the spread of the new Corona virus. According to the unemployment insurance system (Sanid).

The Saudi government has taken many measures to support the economy and citizens as a precautionary measure to face the repercussions of the Coruna outbreak.


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