By the numbers … this is Johnson’s chance to recover from Corona


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently entered intensive care following his deteriorating health from the emerging Corona Virus (Covid 19), amid concerns about the health of the 55-year-old politician.

According to the information, Johnson received a dose of oxygen, after he was hospitalized with coughs and fever, but the prime minister was not placed under a respirator.

Experts and researchers in Britain are trying to monitor the possibility of Johnson’s recovery in the coming days, and they rely on factors such as age, but there are many personal matters that are absent from them.

The figures reveal that 73 percent of those infected with the Coronavirus in Britain are men, and they are from a 45 to 65 age group.

The average age of people receiving care under “critical conditions” is sixty years, but there are men in critical condition who are in their late fifties or seventies.

Health data in many countries of the world reveal that elderly people are more likely to suffer complications from the disease if they are infected with the virus.

But age is not the only determinant of survival chances, because the health status of the affected person is very important i.e. if he suffers from any chronic diseases.

The British “INARC” Center for Research and Number of Intensive Care, issued a report on patients who were infected with the Corona virus and their condition worsened.

The report, released on Sunday, relied on the experience of 2,249 patients, and since most of them are still undergoing treatment, it is difficult to have conclusions and rulings on them.

These figures reveal that 690 of those patients who were admitted to intensive care died from complications of the disease, or nearly half of the sample.

Accordingly, the numbers suggest “bleak” scenarios for those entering intensive care due to the Corona virus, but there are other numbers that give hope about Johnson’s condition.

Johnson’s spokesperson said the prime minister had not been placed under a respirator, even if he received oxygen, possibly through a device that delivers oxygen to the lung.

The numbers reveal that, during the first 24 hours of entry into intensive care, people who are under artificial respiration raise the probability of surviving an illness to 83 percent.

For patients who enter intensive care due to corona infection and are placed under a respiratory system, the probability of their continuing to live is within 32 percent.

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