“Butcher of Bilbao” almost ended Maradona’s march


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Sunday 26 April 2020

Books – Ibrahim Ali:

During matches, soccer players experience many injuries that are a nightmare for them in their careers, and which may keep them from participating with their clubs for several weeks or even months and years.

Many football stars suffered injuries that almost stopped their career, some of them were able to overcome it and continue writing history, and some of them succumbed to it and decided to retire the witch forever.

Diego Armando Maradona, Argentine legend, is the hero of the new episode of the series “The Nightmare”, which will be published successively on “Masrawy” during the month of Ramadan, which will monitor the most prominent players who suffered injuries during their football career.

Maradona started his European journey through the Barcelona Gate in 1982, after a new historic deal, which broke the record for football transfers, as Barcelona paid Barcelona $ 7.6 million to sign the Argentine star.

Maradona’s journey with Barcelona was not without difficulties, as he was exposed to a great misfortune with the Catalan club. In the first season, he suffered from liver infections, after which he missed four months from December until April of 1983, but this does not compare to what happened to the golden boy in the second year. for him.

Specifically, on September 24, 1983 Barcelona was facing Athletic Bilbao, who was a candidate for the Liga title, the Basque Country team had a huge muscular defender known for its brutal interventions since its first appearance in 1975, and was called Andoni Goycuchia “Goico”, which was the cause of injury Powerful for Barca star Bernard Schuster in 1981.

The result in this match indicates Barca’s progress with four goals without charge, and after he was able to make two goals, and in one of the balls as he received the ball to start a new attack on the Catalan club, Joico rushed towards Maradona and brutally blocked him from behind, leaving the golden boy of Barca screaming from Pain on the field after his ankle was broken before leaving the pitch on a stretcher.

Maradona lived in a nightmare after this obstruction almost ended the march of Maradona with the round witch, and Maradona stayed away for a long time from the stadiums, but he managed to overcome this injury, and he continued to qualify for several months before he was able to play again with Barca.

The golden boy of Argentina never forgot Joico’s intervention on him and that he was the cause of the nightmare that he lived for several months, and Maradona returned to face Joico again, who, after his intervention on the legend of Argentina, was known as the “Butcher of Bilbao”, in the final of the King’s Cup 1983/1984, during this match Joico violently interfered again with Maradona, and the Argentine star also received numerous provocations from the fans of Bilbao, who directed him against racist expressions.

The dispute between him and Bilbao player Miguel Sula escalated after the end of the match, to lose Maradona and start kicking the players to Bilbao to throw them to the ground, and the fiercest fight began in Spanish football under the eyes of the King of Spain Juan Carlos who was present in the final match.

Maradona’s presence in Spain became impossible after this famous incident, as royal recommendations came to the Catalan club for the departure of Maradona from the country, and the President of Barcelona decided to sell him after this match, which was his last with Barcelona shirt, and Maradona left for Naples after that in a new historical deal, which brought him back to the forefront of deals Record in the round history, after Italian club Napoli paid 10.5 million dollars to sign him.

And Maradona made glory with the people of southern Italy who achieved the League title, Italian Cup and UEFA Cup, after Napoli was an underwhelmed team before his arrival and was able to eliminate Maradona the nightmare of the injury that would have caused him to retire from football and was then able to lead Argentina to win the World Cup In the year 1986.


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