Burglary using a “contaminated” virus


In Germany a few days ago, a thief attacked a store selling food and clothes, threatening its employees and customers with a new weapon that “may not cross the minds of many.”The thieves stormed the shop, and one of them made a famous injection that they claimed was “contaminated” with the new Corona virus, in order to rob the place, according to local German media.

The German newspaper “Bild” reported on its website that the incident took place last April 22 in the western city of Krefeld, and quoted police as saying that the two thieves are a man and a woman who are 37 and 41 years old, respectively.Police are still in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the city of Krefeld, is looking for two thieves, who were able to steal clothes and foodstuffs from the shop, before escaping Harbin, according to the newspaper.

The city police explained that they had met men and women through surveillance cameras at the scene of the accident, noting that they were addicted to drugs, and that they did not have a specific housing address.

Surveillance cameras showed the man the thief, taking a syringe out of his pocket and making it public in the faces of employees and customers inside the store, last Wednesday, threatening anyone who got in his way.It was not known exactly whether or not the injection that the thief had threatened was actually contaminated with the Corona virus.

On Sunday, Germany recorded 1737 new cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 154,175 cases, at a time when the authorities recently allowed the lifting of some of the closures imposed by the outbreak.

Sky News


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