Broad anger in Kuwait after what a doctor did in a hospital .. The Minister of Health intervened personally


An ophthalmologist working at Al Bahr Hospital was exposed to the eyes Kuwait An assault by a citizen during the performance of her work tasks in examining a satisfactory condition after her desperate attempts to make him respect the role and the place in which it was located.

The doctor was surprised when she was looking into a disease, by entering a reviewer without permission, to take a waiting appointment paper for his wife, and despite that, he answered his request and asked him to wait in the rest until the time for his wife’s entry.
That person repeated his entry to the doctor in the clinic, and even inquired from another doctor who was with her in the same clinic examining another medical condition about the diagnosis of his wife’s condition, but the latter replied to him more than once that she could not inform him except after examining the case and diagnosing it properly.

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A source familiar with the matter said that the physician who was the victim, and in front of the inconvenience, frequent entry, and loudness caused by the citizen, asked him again to return to the rest until the role came, but the matter did not rise to him, so he began to utter verbal terms against the doctor, such as: “Who are you, I trample with Batnj” And other words that you did not find a way with but to seek help from public relations to try to get him out of the clinic.
The source added that the references came back and attacked the doctor from the door of a neighboring clinic room, and this time he continued to try to hit her on the face, which caused the doctor to avoid the blow, but he hit her in the neck, before he left on the run.

The doctor recorded a case of assaulting a public official while performing his work, and the aggressor was being summoned.

For his part, Kuwaiti Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, commented on the incident, and said that the ministry will take all necessary legal measures to prevent attacks on medical personnel, stressing his rejection of these behaviors.

Al-Sabah expressed his strong condemnation of the attack on the doctor, stressing that any attack on the Ministry’s employees and health personnel during the performance of their duties is totally and totally rejected.

The Kuwaiti minister stressed that “it can never be accepted (assault) under any pretext or justification,” noting that the ministry will take the necessary legal measures regarding the incident.

He made it clear that he would personally follow these procedures until he restores the assaulted doctor and prevents such things from happening in the future.

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