British writer announces her recovery from what she suspected to be Corona


Reuters – New Life – British writer Joan Rolling, author of “Harry Potter” novels, has recovered from what she suspected to be the Coronavirus, after two weeks of illness.

“For the past two weeks, I have had all the symptoms of Covid-19 (even though I haven’t undergone the examination),” Rolling wrote on her Twitter account.

She also posted a video of a respiratory system that she said helped her overcome the worst symptoms she had recommended by her husband, who is a doctor in the United Kingdom.

She said, “I have fully recovered and I want to share a method that the doctors have recommended me, does not cost anything, and does not cause any side effects, but it may help you or help your loved ones a lot, as happened to me.”

It is noteworthy that Joan Rolling, 54, is the author of the famous fictional book series “Harry Potter,” the latest celebrity to be declared recovering from the illness caused by the Coronavirus.

Other celebrities who have contracted and recovered from the virus include actors Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, American pop singer Pink and British Crown Prince Charles.


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