British nineties defeat the Corona virus


Source: London –

A 99-year-old British woman recovered from the emerging Corona virus after spending more than three weeks in hospital, to be the largest patient recovering from the virus since it was discovered in Britain several weeks ago, despite the fact that the vast majority of deaths are among older adults. Age.

British newspapers circulated a picture of British lady Carrie Pollock, who greeted doctors working around the clock in the front rows to save patients from the “Covid 19” epidemic caused by the virus, and said that she had recovered from the disease thanks to them and returned to normal.

Pollock was infected with the virus and was admitted early last month to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Hampshire, England, after she had a hallucination and cough and doctors suspected her of pneumonia at the time.

Upon her high temperature, the doctors examined the old woman’s Corona virus to find out that she had the virus, while her family announced at the time that “having a corona was the biggest and worst fear for them.”

She left the hospital and returned to her home in the “Healing Island” near the city of Portsmouth in southern England, and spoke from within her residence: “I had malaria twice before when I was working in Africa, and it is a little worse than the Corona virus.”

British Old Man
British Old Man

A spokeswoman for a local radio added, “I am really happy to be back home, and to listen to my reading books, as I was listening to the radio in the hospital, and I am happy now that I left it.”

“I am now in very good condition, and I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who helped me. They were really nice and kind and they talked to me a lot about my time in Africa, which is what I love.”

Mrs. Bullock is supposed to celebrate her 100th birthday in November. She stated that her husband died in 2013 due to heart diseases.


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