British actress and producer Hillary Heath dies due to complications from the Coronavirus


The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the death of the British actress and producer Hillary Heath, due to complications from the Corona virus, at the age of 74.

Corona Virus claimed the lives of many celebrities, including actress Lee Fierro, at the age of 91, who was famous for her role in the movie Jaws and Andrew Jack, one of the protagonists of the movie Star Wars, and he is one of the most famous dialect coaches, in addition to his participation in acting in many films, including the new Batman movie and others. Of works.

Also, the famous Japanese comedian, Ken Shimura, died tragically at the age of seventy years after suffering from the complications of the Corona virus, and the American American actor, Mark Bloom, died from the complications of coronavirus infection in the newly created coronary “Covid 19”, who also passed away at the age of 69, Playwright Broadway Terence McNally also left.

On the other hand, the spread of the virus caused the stoppage of many films, theatrical and stage shows, and the role of opera. The virus infected many stars in the world, and day after day the state of panic and panic towards the new Corona virus, which is currently sweeping the world and threatening millions, has increased, but what has increased the panic is the injury of a number One of the world famous celebrities who have been horrified by their fans, especially since most people think that celebrities are usually far from these epidemics and diseases due to their constant preservation of their health and the quality of their food. The first of them was Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, where we announced that they were infected with the Coron virus in Aster Automatically, only Divine Providence saved her and recovered from the virus.


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