Britain “has passed the epidemic” and is preparing a plan next week to ease the closure


Boris Johnson

PA Media

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will prepare a comprehensive plan next week to reopen schools and return to economic activities.

Johnson added, in his first press conference after his return to work, that the United Kingdom “has passed the peak phase of the spread of the virus and is now in decline.”

Johnson stressed that there is a need for the country not to risk the possibility of a second wave of infection spreading.

The epidemic has caused the death of 26,711 people in the UK, Johnson said, and “we can now see a ray of hope”, but he warned that in order to avoid the “another climax” disaster, the UK must fulfill five conditions before returning to normalcy.

“You should not do anything that will lead to an increase in the percentage of injuries,” he added.

In response to a question from the BBC’s Laura Kinsburg about the rate of infection that we must reach before Britain can ease the restrictions, Professor Chris, senior health adviser to the British government, said, “We are confident that the wrong answer is any number above 1,” indicating the rate Individual infection.


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He explained that once the number “1” exceeds, the steady growth of infection rates begins, and this threatens the health services sector to come under great pressure.

“Keeping the infection rate at the lowest possible level is a prerequisite for community recovery,” Johnson said.

Our correspondent also asked if the economy should wait before the government decides to start the resumption of activity, Johnson said, “It is necessary to avoid a second wave of infection because it will cause great damage to the economy.”

“That is why we have to adjust our procedures very carefully, so that we not only gradually return the economy to its normal rhythm, but we are also working to find ways to continue to control the virus,” he added.

Johnson also said that using masks is beneficial not only from the point of view of avoiding spreading the infection, but in order to build confidence in the possibility of going outside.

Johnson was speaking at his first press conference at the Prime Minister’s headquarters since his recovery, and he said, “I will not underestimate the importance of the logistical problems we faced in delivering protective equipment to health workers and elderly shelters, but I would like to tell you that everyone is responsible for managing this file Whether in the government, the health department, or the local authorities, everyone did their best, and they worked sincerely day and night, and things will be fine. ”

Responding to Swal about his assessment of the way the UK had dealt with the epidemic, he said, “I think we were right in the timing of the closure at the height of the epidemic,” but he added: “The government learns from experience every day.”



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