Britain: Corona death toll exceeds 26,000 after it was modified


08:54 PM

Wednesday 29 April 2020

London – (dpa):

The number of deaths from the infection of the newly infected Coronavirus in Britain exceeded 26,000, after its amendment today, Wednesday.

The number reached 26,979 cases, which included for the first time deaths of elderly homes and homes in England and Wales.

The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticized for weeks for its response to the Corona pandemic, and its critics accuse it of waiting too long to take measures to reduce the pandemic. Britain also suffers from a shortage of protective clothing for medical personnel.

It is believed that the government did not succeed in achieving its goal of conducting 100,000 tests to detect the virus daily until the end of this April.

Experts’ expectations indicate at the moment that Britain has now surpassed the peak of the pandemic, but daily death rates are increasing, and the number of new deaths has reached 765 as of yesterday evening Tuesday.


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