Boris Johnson is greatly improving and Corona’s deaths are close to 10,000


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British officials said today, Saturday, that … Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s condition “improves dramatically”, Where he is undergoing treatment in a hospital after he was infected with the Corona virus, coinciding with the approaching the death toll from the virus in the country of 10 thousand.

The 55-year-old conservative is spending his second day outside the intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, walking a few steps each and every other, according to Downing Street (the British government headquarters).

A Downing Street spokeswoman said in a brief statement, “The Prime Minister continues to improve significantly.”

Johnson was taken to hospital on Sunday, after his persistent cough and high temperature aroused anxiety after spending 10 days in quarantine as a result of HIV infection. A day later he was transferred to the intensive care department as his condition deteriorated.

A spokesman said Johnson He left the department on Thursday evening, And his “morale was very high”, while waving, thank the medical staff present.

British newspapers have reported that Johnson is watching movies and reading letters from his fiancée, Carrie Simmonds, who also suffered from mild symptoms of the disease.

For her part, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said today that Johnson needs time to recover.

She added at a press conference in Downing Street: “The message to the Prime Minister is that we want him to improve, and he needs some time to rest, recover and recover.”

“This is absolutely necessary … and the entire cabinet will support that message. It is very important for our prime minister to improve, and I think that is a priority and focus is on him now,” she added.

His admission to hospital was unprecedented for a British Prime Minister during a national emergency, which caused concern in the country.

Britain, which imposed a comprehensive closure on March 23, remains highly affected by the virus, registering more than 900 deaths within 24 hours, for the second day in a row.

People hiking in London wearing masks
People hiking in London wearing masks

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced that the new coronavirus has caused 917 new deaths in Britain, bringing the total number of people who died in hospital to 9,875.

A total of 5,234 cases were recorded in the Covid-19 epidemic, bringing the number of injured in Britain to 79,891.

It is believed that the number reflects only part of the actual number of the injured, as tests are not performed for everyone.

Military personnel in front of a London development center to undergo corona examination
Military personnel in front of a London development center to undergo corona examination

Although Johnson’s condition improved, it is not yet clear when he will leave hospital and how long it will take to return to work.

On Friday, his spokesperson stressed that his recovery is still “at an early stage” and that he will only move “on the advice of his medical team.”

Secretary of State Dominic Rap is in charge of government business Acting in the absence of Boris Johnson, who “has not recovered yet and needs enough time” for that, his father Stanley Johnson told Friday on BBC.

Johnson’s father added, “I am anxiously awaiting his discharge from the hospital, his quick return to Downing Street and his taking over without a break.

Two policewomen speak to two men who did not respect the closure in Wales, UK, and were playing on the beach
Two policewomen speak to two men who did not respect the closure in Wales, UK, and were playing on the beach

The government is supposed to decide next week to extend the isolation period, which started on March 23, to three weeks, which ends on Monday.

Although reaching a formal decision will not take place before the end of next week, the authorities continue to warn against lax measures of social separation, especially during Easter.


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