Black tight leggings and a hot hug .. Carmen Suleiman celebrated her third wedding anniversary


She reviewed the Egyptian artist Karmen Sleiman Thicken her video through the application “Tik TokShe wears a tight black “leggings” and a short sporty t-shirt.
Where she did By placing her head towards the feet of her Egyptian composer husband Then she turned herself into an acrobatic movement, which ended in a romantic “bosom” between them.

Carmen commented on the video, which she posted on her Twitter account: “A happy third wedding day, may God keep you and me and never deprive you of it.”
The video sparked satirical tweets from the audience, while some praised their romance, others mocked the small size of her body, asking, “How did she give birth and is still this fit?”.

It is reported that Carmen Suleiman’s last work is a clip called “Basatak”, which is a song written by Sami Ali, composed and viewed by Mustafa Jad, composed by Maz Jad, and the clip directed by Amir Rouani.

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