Beyond “Corona” … the time for the coming brutality


If you are looking for an ideal spot on this earth to escape from the crisis of “Corona”, you may be able to find isolation in this vast universe, but you certainly will not survive its results … If we skip everything that has been said and said about conspiracies woven in agreement with this coronavirus , Who entered the world conflict between accusations and counter accusations, all these things seem inconclusive, especially as the results explain the phenomena, and what we have witnessed of the catastrophic results for all the countries that received “Corona” make us reconsider these analyzes. If we go beyond all of this, a big problem will arise before us: What comes after the Corona crisis, which new world is waiting for us ?!Little return to the dates of epidemics in the world, no major changes occurred, this universe is doomed to continue, and all those whose immunity and efforts have gone beyond this virus are also bound to absorb coronary shock, and continue towards completing the rest of his life. The days we are going through are nothing but the boundary between death and exploration of the vaccine that will upset all healthy scales. And if we consider that there will be a change taking place and confirmed in the future, it is definitely that that will flow towards the countries ’handling of epidemics and health policies, and perhaps a review of biological wars that may make the leather and skins under the same death dome. But what about political changes and the world order, are we really heading for a new world order ?!
In a strange, but meaningful way, optimists look at the heart of the political event after the crisis of “Corona” by changing the borders of the capitalist system in the world, and there will be new placements in favor of humanity, relying on the fundamental universal truth of the emergence and control of civilizations and then their decline, and thus the smooth transition that will be imposed by the days After “Corona” to the east bank stationed in Greater China.
No matter how satisfactory and logical this image is in the eyes of these people, it appears different if we look into the possibility of another theory that approximates the truth of the wrestlers and the truth of the United States, that rogue state that dealt with the universe as the strongest snake, dependent on its own characteristics in the right, so the rule that appears It makes no sense that if the creature looks like a snake, crawls like a snake, it makes a sound like a snake, sting just like a snake, then the possibility is that it is a snake. As for China, which the world has begun to turn its attention to in terms of its handling of the Coronian crisis, and the enormous developments that it exceeded the capabilities of the United States in its fight against this epidemic, it will not be swallowed any longer by any counter-policy by America, and of course the European countries will be placed in the place of their interests, taking advantage of the results “Corona” and his drawing, from reconsidering the nature of relations between these countries, and thus the future of the European Union and economic and political understandings between these countries. The same applies to the Russian Empire, which will determine its goals and future relations. Everyone will work within one system: my interests first, even at the expense of humanity.

The scenarios before us are open and all indicate increased political mobilization and the possibility of going to open wars that may be unconventional at times, and traditional sometimes

This theory will impose on us more violent global policies, which will go towards adopting the principle of brutality in preserving the gains and interests. And that world, which has been placed since the time of humanity in the steps of this universe, will not be able to “Corona” or other epidemics of the world, to change even a single restriction from a comprehensive view towards ego and nationalism, and even ethnic retirement. As for the Arab countries and the developing world, they will not be able to take the same breath, but will remain within the power of the mighty.
So, the scenarios before us are open, and they all indicate increased political mobilization and the possibility of going to open wars that may be unconventional at times, and sometimes traditional. There is no doubt that the Arab world will pay a heavy price as a result of this conflict, and as a result of the failure to address its issues and permanent dependence on those who rub its skin, and the weakest in the world will pay more material losses, and from the expansion of the rift between the North and South worlds, more poverty, destitution and the need for food The drinker and the medicine. If the predictions are correct for a medical revolution that precedes the next epidemic, they will be a laboratory for these experiments similar to what is done in mice.
We are again before days ruled by brutality at all levels, and whatever the Corona crisis affects the transformation of the democratic system in the world, and going to a kind of authoritarianism as some expect, the animal rule that ruled the existence of humanity long ago, says that the power in the animal kingdom is protected With claws and fangs, blood is shed in order to preserve them. Therefore, today we are on our way to a greater might led by the United States, to preserve its gains in the world, and will not allow China, no matter how long its civilization in history, to be at the forefront, even if at the expense of the whole world.
The next stage requires that we, the prospective, wait for more time, until the laboratories of the world can find a cure and vaccine for the Corona virus, and move to a more difficult stage than some can expect, perhaps the most prominent of which is an economic recession, and global economic policies that will all of us in addition to What will the US-China relationship be like, an issue of importance to the world? And if the positions of the United States are ambiguous and contradictory to the former American presidents towards China, it is not so with President Donald Trump, who expresses in a clear public, and explicit positions, that it is considered the source of the first threat to America after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the permanent rhetoric of China calling for the restoration of what It considers it its legitimate role in the world, as well as because of its nuclear weapons and its perseverance in raising the level of its military forces, to become now the third largest nuclear power in the world after the United States and Russia. All of this is in addition to her dream of raising the Chinese flag one day over Taiwan, which it regards as a rebellious and rebellious province, and to the economic growth that it has achieved in previous years, which made America itself exposed to a trade deficit with it after the flow of tens of billions of dollars of American investment to it.
These facts are a source of constant concern and fear for the future. The Americans have not and will not be convinced that China can turn into a knife that beheads them. Therefore, the Chinese “strategic” competitor will be at the center of the global event, and we only have to wait for how and when America will bounce against its most prominent competitor, and what price the world will pay after that.

* University Professor specialized in Information and Communication Sciences


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