Best cars of 2020 to date – Lebanese Forces Official Website


The organizers of the World Car of the Year competition published the results of the competition, which reviewed the best cars on the market this year.

The list topped the list according to the competition’s Kia Telluride, the largest Kia SUV, which experts described as the integrated car in terms of appearance, specifications and appropriate price.

Available from this car are several copies, copies that work with diesel engines with a capacity of 3.0 liters and 250 horsepower torque, and copies with petrol engines with a capacity of 3.8 and 4.6 liters.

The prize for the best urban driving vehicle went to Kia Soul EV, the prize for the best luxury car went to Porsche Taycan, and the prize for the most beautiful car in terms of design was for Mazda3.

The World Car of the Year competition, which takes place every year in the United States, is considered one of the most important annual international car classification competitions, and a number of technicians, experts and journalists from different countries participate.


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