Berri: This is the truth of my position regarding Diab and Salama


Imad Marmal wrote in Al-Gomhoria:

The proposals of President Nabih Berri during the past days seemed subject to political interpretation, especially those related to government behavior and the fate of the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh, which caused great annoyance to the President of the Council, who felt that some of the jurisprudence in the interpretation went to the point of modification.

It is clear that there are among the political “chefs” who are trying to add the “flavor” of Ein El Tineh to “its cooking”, perhaps this could contribute to improving its specifications and marketing conditions.

Thus, Berri was once depicted as a fierce opponent of the government from within it and idle his projects in the House of Representatives, and again as an undeclared ally of President Saad Hariri and former deputy Walid Jumblatt against Presidents Michel Aoun and Hassan Diab, and again as the reason why the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salama, was not fired , And other jurisprudence whose owners read in a wild cup and analyze the inscriptions of the lines of his political palm.

The atmosphere of Ain El-Tineh reflects Berry’s resentment at some parties ’attempt to explain his positions on her taste and mood, or employ those positions in a direction that suits their wishes and interests,“ while what concerns me exclusively at this crucial stage is to save the state from absurd attraction, and not anything else ».

In this context, Berri does not hide his resentment from the interpretation of some of the Amal movement’s behavior in the case of the Governor of the Banque du Liban in a wrong and malicious way, deliberately distorting the reality of the situation and taking it out of its original context.

The issue for Berri is not a matter of protecting Riad Salama as some have suggested, “and I am the last person to be placed in this box, but it is related to the methodology that is supposed to be followed in approaching this delicate file.”

According to Berri’s conviction, an issue of the size of the ruler’s change is not raised as it was, “rather it must be discussed responsibly, that all its aspects and effects be studied and well calculated for what comes after, until any decision taken is immune and correct, away from emotion and improvisation.”

To further bring the image closer, he adds: “We are now inside the operating room, amid very sensitive surgery, and in such a situation, when the doctor is holding the patient’s arteries, he cannot be replaced suddenly and asked to leave the operating room immediately, even if it is a failure, but rather it must Before that, there is a clear vision of the alternative scenario to be adopted.

Berri pointed out that the audit or investigation of the accounts and the financial regularity of the Banque du Liban is a necessary and urgent matter, “We must wait for its results until something is built on its requirements, as it may turn out that there is also a need for accountability and not only for change.”

On the political level, Berri feels disgust about the escalating pace of debates and contradictions that reflect a disregard for the reality of the Lebanese street, which is groaning under the weight of the economic crisis and the massive rise in the price of the dollar.

Berri confirms that he is not against the government and does not put sticks in its wheels, but rather wants it to succeed in its rescue mission, because the crisis has reached the point that it cannot bear the luxury of conducting experiments, and therefore success must be mandatory, “but what happens is that the Diab government sometimes appears to be the enemy of itself ».

The Speaker of the Parliament notes that Diab is surrounded by some ministers-heavyweights, who have not yet made a positive addition, but rather are dragging the vehicle of the government back, instead of pushing it forward.

He points to negative impressions he had about a number of ministers during the UNESCO legislative session, which required them to redouble their efforts to gain the necessary eligibility in the face of the files they are responsible for dealing with.

Nevertheless, Berri denies that he was concerned with what was reported about the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle, stressing that any such proposal was not issued by Ein El-Tineh and was not presented to it, stressing that his only goal is to seek to correct the government’s performance when the need arises, so that it is up to the hopes of On the level of the challenges you face.

In this sense, Berri suggests that he deals with the government on the piece or the retail, supporting it where it should and criticizing it where it should be. Based on this measurement tool, it is noted that the speech of Diab after the end of the previous cabinet session in Baabda Palace involved several positives, especially in the reform field.

The Speaker of the Majlis stops on the circumstances of not approving the 1200 billion lira project during the last legislative session in UNESCO, “and what was accompanied by an effort to distort my position with the political lion”, stressing that his approach to this file was never aimed at impeding the work of the government or preventing people in these circumstances Hard.

Berri explains that Diab requested the inclusion of the project as an expedited repetition on the day of the session, without all its details being clear, even though he arranges additional borrowing for a large sum, “Despite that, I responded to the Prime Minister’s request, but what do I do if it is to fly The quorum, noting that other projects were approved as a recurrent accelerator and involve financial spending, which confirms the keenness to facilitate the work of the government.

Berri notes that «the greatest evidence of my intention to assist Diab is that for the first time in the history of my presidency of the House of Representatives I prevented speech in the papers received, because I felt that there was a trend to launch a harsh attack on Diab and pluck the government.


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