Bernie Sanders announces support for Joe Biden in the US presidential election and pledges to support him


ATLANTA, USA (CNN) – Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders Monday endorsed former US Vice President Joe Biden in the race for the US presidency, and the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate in the Democratic primary were pledging to help Biden defeat the president. The current American Donald Trump in the general elections in the United States in November 2020.

“We need you in the White House. I will do everything I can to see that happen, Joe,” Sanders told Biden during a live broadcast of Biden’s campaign on her website and social media.

Biden’s endorsement by his prominent Democratic rival is an important moment for Democrats as the party seeks to unify and shift its focus towards the November presidential match with Republican President Donald Trump.

Sanders’ support for Biden came just five days after he announced the suspension of his campaign.

The former vice president and senator in Vermont has sought to address the mistrust felt by some Sanders supporters toward Biden, after an initial campaign that the two have repeatedly clashed over many issues, such as foreign policy and health care.

“I think your support means a lot,” Biden said, “That means a lot to me. I think people will be surprised that we are far away from each other on many issues, but we are very close to a whole host of other issues. I will need you – not only to win elections, but to judge “.

The leaders of the Democratic Party agreed to form 6 task forces to work on politics. These working groups will cover economics, education, criminal justice, migration, climate change and health care.

“There is no big secret over there, we have differences, and we will not raise them. This is real,” Sanders added. “But I hope these teams will come together using the best minds and people in your campaign and in my campaign to come up with real solutions to these very important problems.”

Biden told Sanders that he is looking forward to working with him, noting that “he will do his utmost not to let all Americans down.”

During the live broadcast on the page of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the two discussed areas of their agreement about Trump’s handling of the Corona virus crisis, and the two demonstrated a warm relationship dating back to their Senate fellowship, and Biden said, “We were friends. We differed, but we were friends.”

Sanders added: “I know you are the type to include everyone. You want to include people – even people who disagree with you.”


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