Belamri to Shababi: I will not go out in your usual way


Belamri to Shababi: I will not go out in your usual way

Riyadh – Sports

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Algerian Jamal Bellamari, defender of the first youth football team, recounted special events, which he wrote through his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, raising questions about what the fans participated in, as he touched on the period of his treatment and what he was subjected to as a result of discounts.
In his series of novels, Bin Al-Omari began as if he was addressing an official of his youth club and said: “Imagine being forced to certain statements, or being discounted, imagine a professional player, you travel on your own account for treatment, and you are told: Pay and bring the bills.”
He continued his story: “Imagine being forced to terminate your contract with your agent, to sign with another, so that they can sell your contract.” Then he continued: “You ask me to make statements during which I ask to leave the club?” You want me to accept leaving the club in your usual way? No, by God, I will stay with my head held high, and I will go out in the same way. ”
He further denounced: “The period I was spending in order to receive treatment has now turned into an absence.” Then I conclude: “I am not looking through what I have written about sympathy, and I am not thinking that someone will believe me in what I said, being honest with myself.”
The Algerian international previously offered his apologies to the management of his club, the players and all the fans after having missed more than once his team’s training.


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